Chicken BBQ Bombs- Recipe for Beginners

Still not tried this? Well, then, the time is about right at this point! One of the essential dishes of summer. You really need to try them. It serves all age groups, be it a birthday party for kids or a dinner of adults, it makes a perfect snack. All you need is to prepare it for a day of the match or any special occasion and see how it disappears among the crowd with voices shouting for more.

All you need is chicken pieces, preferably chicken breasts and cut them lengthwise, bacon, cream, cheese, pepper and all the other spices as per your taste and some of the barbecue sauce. When you have all the ingredients at your place ready, season your chicken pieces with salt pepper and keep it marinated with cheese as well, in the lengthwise shape. Then you need to roll the chicken by starting from the short end tightly. One can also add bacon to each side of the chicken in order to combine everything and Now cook for in a preheated griller for approximately 30-35 minutes by turning it in every 5 minutes, thereby applying barbecue sauce, every time you flip it over. Just before you take them out, baste them one last time. And make sure it’s juicy and is cooked through. Or if you are unsure whether it’s done entirely or not, just use a thermometer and check the temperature, to be somewhere around 165F. Okay now when they are done, remove them from the grill and allow them to rest for 5-7 minutes and then, they are ready to go into your mouth.

It can also be prepared in an oven.

For an oven thing, preheat it and place the chicken bombs inside on a foiled baking sheet. Keep turning them after 7-9 minutes and apply the barbecue similarly. Before finishing over, take the tray out once, brush over more and place under the broil so that the bacon crisps up completely and the chicken is cooked through. Just the same as the grille, take the dish out and let it rest for 5-10 minutes and it’s ready.

It’s undoubtedly the lip smacking dish, the one which everyone will crave for more and more.

This recipe will surely be the one which will be constantly popping your head, every time you would want to eat something good.

And this then comes across as the most popular and loved dish by the beginners and the youth as it contains all your favorite ingredients – chicken, cheese, jalapeños, and bacon. With a recipe being very easy to cook. And interestingly we don’t prefer to fry them, just grill them, making them less fatty and more delicious.

So get your taste buds ready for a BBQ Chicken Bombs. All it has your favorites, it has chicken, cheese, bbq sauce, bacon, and jalapeno…and much more. and yes, it’s mouth watering!

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